Saturday, 14 November 2015

iWriter is probably the single biggest scam on the internet, bar none.

If you think otherwise, read through this short website until the very end, and you are likely to change your mind.

Very Very likely.

Prepare to be flabbergasted.

To understand the scale and the sophistication of this fraud, it would help to at least browse through this entire website. The information on this site has been edited to render it more concise, more fluid, and to allow visitors the chance to read through its full contents in less than ten minutes should they choose to.

This site, hopefully, will be a breeze to read through and before you know it, you will have seen how everything about iWriter fits into thei.W.R.I.T.E.R. S.C.A.M.

Hopefully, by then, you will understand why all of the small peculiarities of the website that you may have noticed, and which might have baffled you at the time, are there in the first place.

Hopefully, by then, you will understand the purpose that each and all of those features serve.
Everyone who notices those things overlooks them, because on their own they look so trivial, but they are not.

They are all there to facilitate the fraud. They are there to magnify the scam, and to make it easier to operate.

If for no other reasons than curiosity, enlightenment, and maybe even transient distraction, I hope that you will spend a few minutes perusing this site, and finding out about all that you may have overlooked at iWriter.

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