Saturday, 14 November 2015

You might ask: “Wouldn't the scammer still have to pay some paypal fees for the 40 individual transactions that were processed when he purchased the 40 bogus articles from his fake writer account?”

Well, no.

Again, just remember that EVERYTHING on that site is a SCAM.

You see, even if the scammer requests and approves 40 bogus articles with his fake writer account so as to artificially inflate his approval percentage, he still wouldn't need to process any transactions for having “purchased” those articles. If the fake articles cost 80$, he could simply set the adjustable limit on his “writer” account to 100$. Because that 100$ limit would never be reached, the scammer would never actually have to make any payments from his “requester” account to his “writer” account.

By the way, there is also a discrepancy between the rate the company charges for articles on its site and what it “pays” the writers. The company claims that this is due to paypal processing fees.

However, probably much less than 5 percent of accounts get to the 20$ threshold (the site is created to prevent that from happening, after all), and so, as a result, over 95 percent of the amounts that are due to writers never get processed into payments.

That means that in over 95 percent of cases, the website still charges paypal transaction fees, even though no paypal transfers were ever processed.

That is just another lie and more fraud by scammers who are almost geniuses when it comes to lying, deceit, scamming and fraud.

You can see now how LARGE and SOPHISTICATED this GIANT SCAM is.

That is the iWriter iScam for you.

I will continue to add much more commentary on this scam on a regular basis.

The information about the iWriter iScam that I have included so far on this site is only a small segment of the information that I hope will have been disclosed on the site by then.

If you wish, you may return then.


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