Saturday, 14 November 2015

First things first.

“Why did I start this site?”

I started this website because I could not find any other site on the internet that covered this matter thoroughly enough, and I found few that covered it at all. Other websites addressed this topic, but only tangentially, marginalizing the subject matter until their very mention of it in the first place almost seems to have been an afterthought.

Those sites are usually freelance writing websites, and during their review of the iWriter site, the fact that iWriter is a scam at all is an issue that they addressed only peripherally. The focus of these sites lies elsewhere anyways, and in skirting the topic, it is possible that they were simply trying to avoid digressing too much from the theme of their websites.

That the issue is marginalized is reflected in the list of pros and cons that those sites issue, where the fact that some part of iWriter might be a scam seems to be included as just another drawback from a list of benefits and disadvantages.

This is ridiculous, however.

All of iWriter is a giant scam and there can be no pros or benefits to such a massive, unbridled, unhinged fraud.

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