Saturday, 14 November 2015

There are scams, there are Scams, and then there is iWriter, the biggest, baddest, scammiest scam of them all. 

To expose the myriad, million, manifold reasons why that is the case is the purpose of this blog. 

Consider this site an iWriter review for those who were considering using that freelance writing scam, and more likely, those that have used it already.

This remains, for now, a definitive guide to the shameless iWriter scam.


In terms of cleveress and inventiveness, the iWriter scam is almost the perfect scam. To call it anything less would be unfair and reductionist.

People on the internet should stop calling the website iWriter, and call it iScam instead.

iTrash or iGarbage would be suitable names as well, but those titles would be imprecise, vague, and ambiguous.

iScam is so much more reflective of the site's content and as a title, it holds the added benefit of being transparent.

Hopefully, after reading and analyzing what follows, the gargantuan fraud that is headquartered at that web address will have become equally transparent, lucid, and clear to you.

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