Saturday, 14 November 2015

It is these staggering sums that could be generated from even low-traffic blogs that inevitably drew the interest of so many people who suddenly all wanted to start blogs evaluating products, and providing recommendations to the public. 

The difficult part, clearly, and for obvious reasons, was to create great content, particularly when taking into consideration that the internet was already full of sites that were both informative and well-designed.

To create that kind of blog required expertise in a particular subject matter, as well as considerable writing skill. Few of those who wanted to create such blogs had the expertise required to do so.

This is where the iWriter scam fits in, and the reason that the site was created in the first place.

What would you do if someone that you did not know asked you to create the content of his website for him for free?

Now, let us say that the individual who creates this website asks you to create 10 or 20 of his website's pages for free while he collects 100 percent of the profit, what would you think?

You would say “No Way Jose”.

So would everybody else.

When you write for iWriter, though, that is exactly what you are doing!

You are creating blog posts and sections of websites that are very profitable for FREE.

You and other writers are writing 10, 50 or 250 pages of content for FREE.

All the site owner then has to do, is copy and paste what you wrote onto his site and then press the “Publish” button. It may take the scammer 5 minutes of his time to copy, paste, and upload 20 pages of content depending on the speed of his internet connection.

Then he will have a complete website written by “elite” writers; the articles posted on his blog will be among the most eloquent, informative, and impactful posts that could be written for his site. 

This is CERTAIN because of the way that iWriter operates.

The way that the iWriter site was created, the “buyer” can turn down 10 articles that he requested without providing any intelligible explanation, yet still keep all of those articles (yes, the very articles that he did not pay for).

Afterwards, the scammer can then publish those articles on his blog or website anyways. Many of those articles will be excellent, and perhaps even better.

If the scammer wanted to, he could even ask “elite” writers to write him 100 articles that he would all reject. Then, he would still be able to keep those articles, and publish them on his website afterwards for FREE. This guarantees the scammer content of high quality, and all for free.

At iWriter, the scammer pays nothing, gets all of his content written for FREE, and that content is GUARANTEED to be excellent.

Get it now?

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