Saturday, 14 November 2015

You might say, “well a reviewer like that would get poor reviews anyways, and nobody would take work from him if he only has a 10% approval rating and if he rejects 90% of the articles that he requested.”


Well, no actually.

Always remember that iWriter is a SCAM from A to Z and back again.

NEVER think of it as a legitimate site.

Remember what I said earlier about iWriter never leaving any money on the table and never leaving any opportunity for fraud untouched.

Let me repeat that.

iWriter never leaves any chance for fraud untouched.

iWriter never leaves money on the table.

Now to clarify...

The first thing that you need to know about iWriter is that no identification needs to be provided to open an account on the site. All that you need is an email address, and your name, and for your name, you can put any name that you wish, just as you can when you open an email account with google or yahoo.

Secondly, there is a feature on the site that allows requesters to contact writers directly; the site claims that this feature is there so that requesters can give repeat work to writers whose past articles they liked.

That is a lie.

That feature is only there so as to enable what else? ... more scamming, of course.

Consider the following:

A scammer requests 10 articles on iWriter, and then rejects all of them, while still publishing these articles on his blog. The scammer would then have an article approval rating of 0.

The scammer, however, could then create a fake account posing as a writer, and use his requester account to send 40 requests for articles to his fake writing account. This would be possible because the site allows requesters to directly contact writers if they choose to. 

The scammer could then use his fake writing account to send 40 bogus articles full of blank space to his requester account and then return to his requester to approve all of them. This would immediately bring up his approval percentage from 0 to 80% with 10 rejections and 40 approvals. 

Furthermore, this would allow the scammer to then use his writing account to give a five-star rating to his requester account 40 times in a row, while leaving many rave reviews of the requester in the process.

This all goes to show that the approval rating on the iWriter site means absolutely nothing.

Zero. Nada. A big circle with nothing in it. That is its exact, precise value.

Perhaps you were asking yourself how a scammer could use one account to “write” and sell an article to his other account if the article topics are randomly added to a queue.

Well, now you know.

Now, you can also see how the approval ratings for requesters on the site are just another iWriter lie, and how they are completely fabricated and utterly meaningless. A requester can have an actual approval rating of zero, yet still manipulate his rating so that it shows as 90% on the website.

At this point, it should therefore be obvious to you that the entire iScam website was designed so as to facilitate as much fraud and theft as possible. Every single feature that has been included on the site has been included there so as to facilitate more scamming and more fraud. Every single one. Period.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, on that site that is legitimate.

REMEMBER THAT THIS IS A SCAM WEBSITE, if you want to understand that it is a scam, you have to understand that it is a SCAM IN ITS ENTIRETY.

From A to Z and back again.

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